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Whether it is a casual jeans and T-shirt or a formal two-piece suit, your wardrobe sans a belt is most likely to undermine your style. The better option is to invest in belts that should be a part of every man’s closet. Leather belts are undoubtedly the best option in this segment. Suave, sometimes outrageous, but always stylish, these are men’s accessories that are always in vogue. Traditionally, belts were fashioned from fabrics, ribbon, cloth, suede, or decorated with elaborate beadings. Today, this category is wide open with plenty of room to experiment and explore.  

Black dress belts do a lot more than securing your bottoms. They add a neater profiling to your overlook look, pampering your silhouette. It is not always about the must highlighted, slimming effect. Men’s leather belts are more about form, function and style, it is about adding a touch of elegance. You can opt for handmade leather belts made from rare animal skins. They work beautifully every time you want to wear a formal suit. Dress belts in different shades of brown are perhaps the most versatile option. Black leather belts are must-haves but brown hued belts work perfectly as complementary and contrasting accessory in your wardrobe ensemble. When you are off-duty, when you want to put on your denims, try casual leather belts, including those with a texture and big metal bits. Wider belts look better on jeans while the slender options are more appropriate for formal dressing.

More options include:

• Smooth Suede Belt: Designed for semi-formal occasions. Like dining out with workplace colleagues. Suede belts have a casual aura.

• Summer Fabric Belt: Beach or a barbecue? Whatever you choose for the weekend, a fabric belt in cotton is perfect for all your summer plans. Also explore denim belts for such occasions.

The beltless look is a bit messy, trouser braces come across as volatile fashion trend while there is always a need to ensure your pants fit better—invariably, you always have a reason to spend time in choosing a well-fitting leather belt. From rare animal skin belts to those made with the softest fabrics, from big buckle to slim belts, from vintage-inspired to the latest designs, Arrowsmith Shoes has put together the most comprehensive range of men's belts to suit every wardrobe requirement.


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