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Monkstrap Shoes

Nonchalant, modern, somewhat classical and also a bit unconventional, the Monkstrap is everything you want in a contemporary footwear and a bit more. Referred to as a modern day business shoe, monkstraps have made it to being a part of menswear trends across the world. Style bloggers talk about monkstraps worn by celebrities and those made from exotic animal skins while the buying crowd gushes about unmatched style of a single monk or double monk—either way, you get the guarantee of shoes that get noticed!  

Arrowsmith Shoes brings you an expanding selection of monkstraps. These are shoes for the classically-inclined men who want RTW (ready-to-wear) shoes minus the laces. Borrowing the non-lace structure of slip-ons, monk straps are essentially low-fitting strapped shoes. They seem to blend traits of bluchers and loafers beautifully. You get monkstraps with manifold shapes of the strap itself, which happens to be its primary defining trait. From hexagonal and octagonal strap buckles to those in traditional squares, there are many options. Most contemporary shoe brands have a unique way of designing these shoes. You are bound to find strap spacing and positioning unique to each brand.

Currently, most menswear enthusiasts rank leather monk shoes between oxfords and the derby shoe. First mention of this shoe style is traced back to 1901. The origins notwithstanding, monk strap dress shoes as opposed to its earlier version, is now sleekly shaped. The silhouettes are rarely bloated. You will find sleek, subtle designs that lend more versatility. Distinctly styled, our assortment of monkstraps is all about sophisticated hybrids of casualwear and crisp business styling. Reputed shoe brands offering tastefully designed monks here include Duca, Stacy Adams, Mezlan, and Florsheim, each pushing the envelope of creativity and handcrafted finesse.

Conventional monk straps are part of every classical wardrobe ensemble. Buckles in classic shoes present a nice alternative to lace-ups. Double monks are more relevant as a trending, mainstream option while double buckles facing backwards in cutaway monk strap shoes are emerging as a favorite. The most versatile of dress shoes, monkstraps look equally good with casualwear and workplace suits. The beauty of our monkstrap collection lies in handmade approach. These shoes are crafted from the finest leathers, made by the best shoe designers out there. You can choose from a huge variety of styles, from monk strap brogues to monk strap loafers and desert monkstrap boots. You get all the color schemes here, from delectable hues of brown and tan to oxblood, burgundy and eternal classics like blacks, mated with fine detailing and genuine animal skins.


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