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Exotic Skin Sneakers

Every shoe aficionado will tell you that no other footwear has the blend of exoticism and sportiness like sneakers handcrafted from exotic animal skins. This is not about regular leather shoe choices like calfskin or premium suede shoes. This collection is curated for the discerning buyer, men who understand the exclusivity of ray fish high tops or plimsolls made of python or alligator skin. These sneakers are about standing apart from the crowd, getting noticed without clamoring for attention!  

Exotic sneakers are designed for buyers on the hunt for luxurious shoe choices – men who love pure leathers and demand shoes that blend aura of classical shoes with the sportiness of conventional sneakers. The answer lies in sneakers handcrafted with difficult-to-procure animal skins. With their luxe appearance, these bespoke sneakers address any man’s search for comfortable shoes that assertively declare their bold aesthetics.

From bringing a stylish statement to the streets to becoming the most athletic type of footwear, the evolution of exotic skin sneakers can be traced back to the 18th century when they were called PLIMSOLLS – rubber shoes with no particular design for right or left foot. Exotic mens shoes gained admiration during 1892 when US-based Rubber Company started mass manufacturing of rubber sneakers covered with canvas. These were termed Keds. 1924 witnessed the emergence of this footwear choice around the globe owing to a German man named Adi Dassler. Handmade sneakers using rare leathers is the more artisan, less formal but more glamorous twist on these conventional plimsolls.

Our collection boasts of outright luxurious sneakers, very contemporary. These are not sports shoes with neon-like color schemes but handmade leather sneakers using hides of crocodile and snakes. Expect python skin sneakers that have an unmatched pattern – associated with genuine python skin only. Archetypes also feature metallic embellishments accentuating the exotic look. The shades are sober and bold, while each pair here ages beautifully. Expect duskier and outlandish colors along with a texture that only rare stingray or lizard skin can deliver.

Each exotic skin sneaker here has been handpicked by our team of fashion purists and trendsetters, folks who understand every bit of the leather sneaker niche. You get the best brands in this segment, ranging from Belvedere, Mezlan, and Mauri to more coveted and some lesser-known boutique brands.


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