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Great Boots from GBX!

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brown and yellow leather boot

GBX brown and yellow leather boots

When it comes to fashion and getting dressed I like to have a style that fits my personality which I think about first and then I accessorize the rest of me.

This is more of mental thing in the beginning because I like to think I know who I am and what I’m trying to do but getting dressed in this industry means you have to look the part.

Fashion can be fickle and trends come and go like the wind. This process started when I was a kid and I developed a routine like this for most of the things I do.

I’m very regimented with the process of most things, especially in fashion and I don’t particularly care for this trait at all. I’m too restricted. I need breaks to clear my head of left brain thoughts so, up north we go.

I believe that’s why most people have a hard time changing to a new style or trend in fashion and for everything else for that matter. The saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is actually true and pathetic at the same time.

 As a person in a creative position, my regimental traits directly conflict with the ‘free wheeling’ right side of my brain. The bridge that connects the two halves is crowded, so to speak. While the rest of the crew is flying kites in their heads I’m crossing the mental bridge from the left to the right on my way to the park to help them fly that kite.

I have a process to complete before the creativity begins. Writing ads, blogs, product copy and video work is a mental task and getting away clears my head.So, this Thursday I pack up the laptop, grab the little woman and go up into northern Wisconsin to winterize our family’s little cottage.

Winterize is a word we use lightly but little isn’t. It’s three small bedrooms, a bathroom and shower, a big living room and a kitchen. A large deck was added years ago which really added to the look. The cottage sits on twelve beautiful acres and a small lake and it’s getting cold up there so I picked up these GBX winter boots to take along with me.

If you site on the deck long enough you’ll see Bald Eagles, deer, fox, wild turkey’s, you name. It’s a four hour drive from Chicago and getting in the car to go is a great feeling.There’s no snow yet and there are boots up there but they’re old and have been worn by everyone for years.

It kind of grosses me out every time I stick my foot in them so the new boots will be nice but I won’t leave them for my brother and nephews. They can get their own boots.

We cut some old dead trees down last spring and we now have to split the wood for winter as our family uses the cottage all winter long. The big stone fireplace is a great place to gather when the snow and wind blows. There’s no cable but there is an old tube TV and a gigantic selection of VHS movies. Perfect!We’re spending Thanksgiving there this year and right now it’s more like a party cabin than a house on Walton’s Mountain so we need to clean it up and decorate.

Over the past three years we’ve been “redoing” the old garage that holds the snowmobiles and “the old boat” and we finally finished it this summer. It’s pretty obvious that we are not a wealthy family of carpenters but, it’s a remote fantastic little place and we love it. My grandfather did good for us.Shop GBX boots to keep warm this year!

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