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4 Reasons Every Man Should Own a Pair of Exotic Animal Skin Shoes

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There are a few pairs of shoes every man should own—everyday work shoes, a great pair of sneakers, a comfortable pair of boots, and yes, a pair of exotic animal skin shoes. That’s because shoes are more than just something you put on your feet. They’re an accent-piece. A way for you to inject your personality and style into your wardrobe.

Exotic leather shoes come in a variety of styles—from classics like an Oxford or a Loafer, to boots, to a modern twist on sneakers. But it’s not really about the style of shoe. It’s about style. Every pair of exotic leather shoes are unique.

That’s because each pair is handmade from a one-of-a-kind piece of leather. Every detail from the skin is left in the finished product. Scales, lines, and other markings are forged by nature, not an assembly line.

Each pair of exotic animal skin shoes are painstakingly crafted by hand to deliver a unique piece of footwear that’s versatile enough to dress up casual outfits yet stylish enough to complete even the most elegant of sartorial choices.

Here, we’ll cover four reasons you should own a pair of exotic leather shoes, from the way they look to the way they feel.

1. They Look Great

Exotic leather shoes inject a classy, sophisticated style into any ensemble. There’s a simple reason they top the list of shoes every man should own—they look great. Because they’re made from exotic leather, every pair offers a unique, bold look that delivers luxury, comfort, and style.

Exotic leather shoes come in a variety of styles—from Oxfords, to Loafers, to Boots, to Sneakers. That means you have endless options to choose from with different styles, leather sources, and colors. Because exotic leather shoes blend classic styles with striking patterns, they’re versatile enough to dress up a casual outfit for a night on the town or anchor a power outfit you wear when you’re about to close a big deal.

The main reason you should own at least one pair of exotic animal skin shoes is style. Every man needs a few options for dress shoes—give your style a sense of adventure with a pair of exotic leather shoes.

2. They’re Comfortable

After looks, comfort is the most important factor when considering a new pair of shoes. After all, you’re the one that has to walk, stand, and wear the shoes you buy—that makes comfort and support pretty important. The list of shoes every man should own is filled with comfortable, supportive shoes.

Even if you love the way a pair of shoes looks, if they aren’t comfortable, you probably won’t wear them. You deserve a pair of shoes that look great while providing support and comfort. You get that from exotic leather.

Exotic leather not only looks great, it feels great too. Alligator, Ostrich, Crocodile, Lizard, and other exotic animal skin shoes are soft, flexible, and durable enough to make for highly comfortable footwear. What’s more, because exotic leather shoes are typically handmade, the sole and support are given greater attention.

As with all high quality leather shoes, they get more comfortable as they age. Leather shoes form to your feet over time. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.

3. They’re One of A Kind

Every pair of exotic animal skin shoes are unique—they stand out from the crowd. The reason each pair is unique is the leather itself. Basic leather shoes utilize a smooth, consistent appearance that doesn’t feature details from the source. Whereas, exotic leather shoes feature and accent the unique qualities in the grain derived from the source animal.

Alligator belly leather is noted for its luxury and quality. Featuring smooth, consistent scales and patterns it creates a look that is both bold and dignified. Crocodile flank is another popular exotic leather. This hide offers lower costs than alligator while displaying much of the same look of alligator. It’s smooth with a variety of circular scales that add a touch of panache to any outfit. Lizard skin blends wild, dangerous patterns to add mystique to an elegant pair of dress shoes.

Every pair of exotic leather shoes features a different, unique pattern. The style and color of the shoe should accent the natural eccentricities of the source leather to create wildly original footwear.

4. An Investment in Your Wardrobe

Every wardrobe should consist of a combination of classic, timeless styles mixed with contemporary, casual choices. Exotic animal skin shoes are an investment into the classic, timeless side of your closet that can also spruce up the casual side.

Exotic leather shoes have a long and storied history—from lawmen to outlaws, from boardrooms to barrooms, from youthful energy to the wisdom of age—exotic leather shoes have adorned the feet of many of our most treasured public figures. You don’t buy these shoes to blend in, you wear them to be a part of a long history of men who demand to stand out.

But exotic animal skin shoes aren’t just about the past, they’re also about the future. That’s because exotic leather shoes are an investment piece. They’re an article of clothing you’ll wear for years to come. With proper care, they’ll be a treasured part of your wardrobe for a long time.

Give Your Wardrobe New Life

There’s a few pairs of shoes every man should own and exotic animal skin shoes are near the top of that list. That’s because they provide style, comfort, durability, and versatility. Exotic leather shoes deliver class, sophistication, and an injection of personal style into your wardrobe. They can be worn at the office, out on the town, and everywhere in between. The only difficult decision that’s left, is deciding which pair you should get.

At Arrowsmith Shoes, we have exotic skin shoes from some of the world’s most storied brands, including Mauri, Belvedere, David Eden, and more. Shop our selection to find your perfect pair today.

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