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Top 3 Ways to Care for Crocodile Shoes

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Learn to Care for Your Exotic Footwear in Three Simple Steps

So, you like exotic shoes. You love people asking, “What are you wearing?” so you can reply, “They’re crocodile shoes.”

Wearing such unique shoes comes with a unique set of rules, however. While many people opt for cow leather, often tossing their shoes in the closet, exotic leathers, such as crocodile shoes, can last longer and be more flexible with a little easy, consistent care.

Here are our top three rules to care for crocodile shoes like the beautiful Zelli of Italy black crocodile penny loafers pictured above.

  1. Keep it clean. The first rule of thumb? Keep your exotic footwear dry. Do not use cleaning products designed for cow leather. If they need a wipe down, use a clean, damp cloth. After rubbing, gently rub beeswax into the leather (and then buff out) to protect the skin.
  2. Store in a cool, dry place. When not in use, store your shoes in a clean, cool place. Keeping them away from excess dirt and grime will go miles in the upkeep department.
  3. Prevent and repair damage. As much as we try, sometimes our footwear becomes damaged. If your crocodile shoes get scratched or become damaged, look for neatsfoot oil or mineral oil and rub a thin, even layer on your hands and then apply it to your shoes. Evenly rub in the oil and remove excess with a towel. Let sit overnight and assess in the morning to see if your crocodile shoes need another coat. Find that you do have a stain or spot? Mix equal parts water and white vinegar, dampen a cloth with the mixture, and rub into the stain. Move over the stain quickly (a pencil eraser works just as well for small spots).

When it comes to exotic shoes, it’s important to find a pair that you love. Check out our selection of https://www.arrowsmithshoes.com/exotics/…it may just be the footwear world you’ve been missing.

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