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Dress Hats for Men

The world of men’s fashion has always had a dose of vintage, an aura that does not wither away with time – Dress Hats are the perfect example of this. From helping you accessorize a wardrobe choice that seems to have gone wrong to protect your appearance on bad-hair days, classic and contemporary dress hats for men can do a lot more than you expect!  

A fashion statement currently trending or a sub-culture shared as a part of movies and grandfather tales, there is something eternally lovable about handmade dress hats. Instantly adding a bit of elegance, completing an otherwise mundane wardrobe choice, dress hats do a lot chosen and worn correctly. This is the ideal accessory when you want to add a pop of color or when you feel you are low on stylish accessories. Dress hats define headwear that does not have an expiry date. For many men, it is the appropriate accessory for that typically noblemen-like aura while for others, it is about adding a bit of vintage to everyday dressing.

While some hat-sellers casually use the term fedora, we ensure that every fedora hat that makes it to this collection deserves your attention. You might also like the slightly deviated version of the typical fedora, i.e. angular fedoras that are referred to as trilby hats. Classic fedoras created ground for the Homburg—the more fashionable cousin of the original fedora. Our collection has been groomed with some of the finest wide-brimmed leather berets too. For sun-seekers to business-only suit wears and outright fashion lovers, we have a premium hat for every fashion demand. These handmade hats are ideal for upscale occasions, ranging from business parties to red carpet events and everything in between. Expect hats made from superior fabrics and genuine leathers!

Dress hats silhouettes are categorized based on their style, brim widths, materials and crown types. Typically, formal hats are fabricated with brims and structured materials like linen, fur felt, wool or straw. That being said — if you’re going to wear a hat, wear the one that stands apart from the crowd. Expect an impressive inventory of the latest styles and colors, including popular brands like Stetson, Bigalli, and Dobbs, each appropriate for soirees or the golf course. Expect the growing collection to be populated with more options, ranging from porkpie hats to derby hats and western leather hats. From warm-weather formal fedoras ideal for summertime wear to a refined men’s winter hats, you will get the finest hats for men at Arrowsmith Shoes!


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