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Regular shoes might be a highly practical choice but when you want to exude an individual sense of style, without compromising the comfort, you need Exotic Shoes. Wearing handmade leather shoes crafted from premium animal skins sets you apart from regular fashion choices.The luster, texture and finishing of exotic leathers is unmatched.

We take care to ensure that each pair of leather shoes listed here comes with the promise of authenticity. While caiman crocodile skin is famous for its caling pattern, gator skin shoes are often rated on the basis of their belly scale pattern. Some eternal favorites preached by fashion bloggers and endorsed by celebrities includes lizard skin shoes with rounded scales and exotic python skin footwear. You will come across hard-to- find glamorous leather choices such as ostrich skin with quill. Expect sleek shoes with knobbly textures to full-grained leather shoes with a developing patina—yes, these shoes age beautifully and the miniscule change in leather appearance is the hallmark of genuine animal skin!

Exotic skin shoes have undergone an evolution. Their rarity and grey market dynamics have given way to a more structured marketplace while the aura of gangsters and cowboys from the 70s has been replaced by mainstream acceptance. Animal skins have since then been finished better but without compromising traits that define uniqueness of these leathers.

Wearing exotic skin shoes is about making a fashion statement. These leather shoes are always trending with an aura of decadent luxury, absolute indulgence. For many men, having a pair of exotic skin shoes is a rule to manage their wardrobe, a must-have even if the pair is worn scarcely. For others, these bespoke shoes are a part of everyday affairs as they become a part of individual persona, something that uplifts the entire outfit. While most leather shoes for men pack some serious style, handmade exotic skin shoes demand compliments!

We understand the nuances of choosing exotic leathers that can be handcrafted into shoe uppers. From procurement to tanning methods employed, we procure with an eye on choosing brands that resonate with our standards for quality and genuineness. Whether you are scouting for retro-looking exotic shoes, sophisticated dress shoes, chic casual shoes, or artsy shoes made from rare animal skins, you will definitely find a pair that suits your preferences. Exotic leather shoes can be classically designed or be very contemporary and somewhat outlandish. This collection includes a bit of everything, ensuring you have the maximum choices. Explore a wide range of exotic shoes,each handpicked for its use of rare animal skins. These are handmade shoes with unique embroideries and patterns, ensuring you get truly one-of- a-kind pair…


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