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Mens Boots

men in bootsFrom formal attires at boardroom meetings to shanking the golf ball, from Chelsea boots worn popularly by the Beatles to wing-tip boots worn with denims, there is something eternally lovable about boots! No other footwear can match the aura of real leather boots. Easily worn to the workplace or when cruising on your bike, a good pair of leather boots is the classical way to accessorize and style-up any outfit you choose for the day. For men, boots are a staple—without a few pairs of handmade leather boots, no man’s wardrobe is complete!  

Throughout history, a typical boot has been modified to fit requirements of wearers. More variations have come across different regions and socio-cultural landscapes. Invariably, handmade leather boots have always been prized above their machine-made counterparts, held sacred for the purity of craftsmanship. From calf-skins to full grain leathers and premium animal hides, boot-making also incorporates materials like cotton, wool, silk, felt and fur. For style-watchers and fashion-forecasters, boots are fundamental to a man’s persona. They are utterly utilitarian and still, happen to be ultra-stylish and offer an excellent boot-wearing experience.

Boots made from premium leathers, with their outsole, insole, lining, heel and uppers crafted from premium animal skins, are perhaps the best choice in this segment. The range of finishing is even bigger, from metallic, oily, waxy, and aniline to pigmented, nubuck and suede. This assures you of finding a befitting leather boot for every occasion. We have got a collection to complement your personality and to help you discover leather boots that seemed surreal. Some styles are quite rugged while others are subtle and some very urbane. Our myriad of choices include exotic skin boots that are the hardest to procure as the leathers used here are rare.

• Dress Boots - the most formal variety of the bunch, dress boots come in two styles— Derby and Oxford, each considered a must-have for any contemporary man

• Sneaker Boots - sneaker boots are more functional than fashionable. These are ankle-length boots with two or three pairs of eyelets for lacing

• Work Boots - work boots are steel-toed and cut from a profuse cowhide to protect your feet. Strong, long-lasting and stylish enough to stay on your feet…this is a loyal pair of footwear that is expected to last years

• Ankle Boots - these sleek European style boots are the coolest choice in footwear when you want to dress casually. Ankle boots are perfect to be worn with trousers with tapered trim

• Western Boots: cowboy boots have a well-deserved reputation of being outdoorsy, exuding that typical western aura. Expect impressive silhouettes, fancy foot detailing, and burnished leather colors

• Chukka Boots: chukka boots are casual ankle boots with short laces and use eyelets minimally. Chukka boots have become far more versatile than their original avatar

• Biker Boots: preferred in shades of black or dark brown, biker boots are distinguished by asymmetrical zip and leather straps or buckle detailing

It is true that shoes define a man but boots say a lot more!

Take the time to browse through our expanding inventory of the best in handcrafted leather shoes from topmost brands including Belvedere, Los Altos, Dan Post, Florsheim and Hush Puppies. Available in a plethora of colors, patterns, textures, sizes, detailing and designs, each of these boots have one thing in common—they are worthy of occupying a space in your wardrobe!


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