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Exotic Skin Dress Shoes

If dress shoes can be bettered, there is only one option you can seriously trust – dress shoes made from exotic skins. Yes, the elegance of genuine leather remains unchallenged but it becomes more exclusive when the leather itself is somewhat unconventional, hard-to-procure, or held sacred in the world of real leather shoes.  

Exotic leather shoes provide the easiest way to climb one step higher in today’s world of quick-changing fashion dictums. From gator skins to stingray and ostrich skins, these shoes employ animal skins that have a very unique texture. Scarce availability of such leathers means each pair of leather shoes on display here packs serious exclusivity – the easiest way to get noticed at a business meeting or impress at blind dating sessions!

What if you have made an error in accessorizing your look for the day? Exotic skin shoes can help you deviate the attention and ensure the focus remain on your feet. What if you are wearing the most stunning suit but are failing miserably to get noticed? A pair of rare leather shoes can instantly put you in the limelight. A must-have among contemporary men, dress shoes are the perfect blend of comfort and premiumness. Add exoticness to the equation with rare lizard skin and you have the perfect fashion statement that does not age or wither away!

One of the most preferred leather option for dress shoes is calfskin because it is ultra-snug, thinner and lighter than. Other types of animal skins used in making handmade dress shoes are Kidskin (from goat), Pigskin/Peccary (from pig), Cordovan Shell (from horse) and Bovine leather (cow hide). Each of these exotic animal leather choices have a unique texture. These skins age beautifully and in a manner exclusive to each leather. From buffalo skin shoes to elephant hide shoes, sharkskin bluchers or moccasins that incorporate skins of kangaroos, we have the most dazzling range of rare skin shoes for men.

Explore this collection if you have a standard collection of real leather shoes and now want to graduate towards something outright better. Exotic skin dress shoes come in all forms, from loafers to monk strap shoes, lace-ups, ankle boots, and slip-ons. Our wide collection is constantly curated to ensure only the top brands are on display, including Belvedere, Mauri, and Mezlan. From exorbitantly colored exotic shoes to the latest flashed at red carpet events, and international fashion ramps, we have assembled the bestselling and emerging, potential favorites under one roof!


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