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Exotic Skin Trendy Shoes

How do you better something that seems flawless? You make it more exotic! At Arrowsmith Shoes, we have done this with our range of fine leather shoes. Genuine leather footwear for men remains our hallmark but just when you thought that all options in this niche have been spoken about, we bring you an exciting proposition – trendy shoes made from exotic skins!  

Yes, a pair of calfskin lace-ups is impressive and ticks all the right boxes but loafers made from alligator or snake skin has a more commanding presence. Ideally suited to those who love the idea of being in the spotlight, these exotic shoes are meant to accentuate your personality, almost transform it. Looking back at the origin of exotic skin shoes, their origins are rather humble. Contradictory to common belief, exotic skin shoes owe their creation to pure survival instincts. Owing to thicker leathers associated with alligators and snakes, these shoes provided more durability and protection. It was much later that exotic shoes became trendy. They started gaining attention for their unique texture, scale pattern and the patina. During 1970, the film fraternity was actively sporting this footwear choice. Remember, these are genuine skin shoes and have the same handcrafted credentials like all other men’s leather shoes on this store but there is one, big difference — these exotic skin shoes,perticularly Alligator and Crocodile Reptile skin shoes are FASHIONABLY ELITE!

Today, exotic skin shoes are positioned uniquely in the men’s footwear marketplace. They have few but passionate buyers. Again, most buyers are patrons of the artisan-like approach found in these shoes and their unparalleled aura. The pool of buyers for trending exotic shoes is expanding as contemporary men are becoming more expressive about wearing their style without restraints. While some men love the gleaming finish on rare skin shoes, others adore the somewhat muted, textured exteriors. We cater to this trend, putting together a unique collection that features only the choicest of exotic skin shoes, most of which have been vouched for by fashion gurus and designers.

This is the safest choice for men looking for sure-shot luxe shoes. Rare snake skin shoes are also the most adventurous proposition for those who want to step beyond the staple diet of fashion accessories. Here, you find trending exotic skin shoes made from crocodile, alligator, shark and lizard skin. Embellishments like buckles or tassels help them look trendier. These shoes are least likely to be exact replicas. The purity of animal skins is retained. Handcrafted approach means subtle boutique touch in every pair, making each pair almost as unique as your fingerprint. Discover which monkstrap, slip-on or lace-up crafted from exotic animal skins tickles your curiosity…


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