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Men’s Boat Shoes

Nothing screams “nautical outing” or “long weekend” quite like a pair of boat shoes does. Defined by their rubber sole and lace fastening, boat shoes offer a perfect opportunity to inject some light-hearted sartorial fun to your attire. They breathe life into even the most tired of slip-on silhouettes. Your favorite fashion labels like Sebago, Florsheim, and Hush Puppies have their own unique versions!  

Normally made of canvas, suede or leather, these lightweight shoes were originally designed for wear on a yacht , as the name quite clearly suggests. However, the beauty and comfort made these deck shoes represent a little more in fashion— an essential practical footwear. Apart from aesthetics, boat shoes fulfill another very important function, they are water-resistant and come with cushioned insoles making them extremely soft and pliable. You get to choose dependable sailing shoes with clean-cut silhouettes.

One of the most versatile summer shoes for men, deck shoes have been a mainstay in the boating world since early 1930’s. Fortunately, these leather shoes have evolved immensely, since Paul Sperry initially invented them. After noticing his dog's ability to run easily over ice without slipping, Paul made crisscross slits into his soles with the help of a knife to improve traction on icy surface. This led to the making of what we call the modern boat shoe. Practical off-duty casual footwear, boat shoes are made of non-slip soft rubber soles that perfectly support the feet, short crisscross laces and tightly-stitched uppers— resilient enough to withstand wind and rain. Grooves and slits in the soles add for the traction.

Despite the stigma of style saturation, boat shoes continue to remain timeless classics. From their humble beginnings as the deck shoes worn by sailors, these lightweight shoes have now become a mainstay of every man’s wardrobe, ensuring you are always fashionably decked out. These versatile maritime shoes go as good with chino shorts as they go with denims. And an added perk— wearing leather boat shoes means you can give your socks some time off. If you’re looking for the very best in boat shoes you’ll find them below. Our exclusive collection offers striking color schemes, use of premium materials in the making and attention to detail throughout.


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