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It is hard to do most things in life when your feet are uncomfortable. When it comes down to comfort and performance, socks are just as important an element in your wardrobe as having a beautiful pair of leather shoes. While hiking experts will grill the importance of wearing the right pair of socks as a survival tip, fashion gurus preach the importance of choosing and matching socks to carry a look with absolute conviction. Functional yet stylish, predictable yet armed with the ability to surprise you a maze of options, men’s socks do a lot more than you think!  

From dress socks to high heel pad casual socks, daywear socks to crew socks, socks in neutral colors to the ones in brighter shades, we cover the entire range of luxe socks perfect for the discerning gentleman. Handmade socks are a sort of investment. They keep you prepared for every occasions. When worn correctly, they add to the comfort factor of wearing shoes. When chosen in outlandish colors, they can be a playful contrast to a sober-looking ensemble.

Yes, socks are utilitarian. They are meant to keep your feet warm and dry but they also ease chafing of shoes. Designed to absorb moisture from your feet, socks ensure that your feet remain dry, eliminate odor, and prevent blisters. They also help to extend the life of shoe linings that would otherwise be subject to grime and sweat. From outdoor activities, such as hiking, backpacking, trekking, camping, and mountain climbing to team sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, and the office, there is always need for a fresh pair of seamless socks—a preferred footwear essential.

While the history of socks and stockings is as old as the Egyptian graves in Antinoe, from circa 500 AD, we emphasize more on grooming a collection of more contemporary socks. While prototypical “socks” were worn by cave-dwelling ancestors using animal hides tied around their ankles, artisan stockings were a privilege of the decadently rich. We scout for the best in premium low cut, ankle dress, and knee length socks, each boasting of fine fabrics that feel like a second layer of skin.

There are many fabric blends at play, ranging from cotton, silk, cashmere, wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and spandex used in different combinations. We choose the best, fully aware about what the modern man requires. We cater to the resurgence of brighter colors and bolder patterns too. Expect a growing variety of statement socks, neutral & bold color socks, in artful and amusing designs. Watch out as we continue to update this collection with more world-famous designer sock brands like Remo Tulliani and Tallia, exclusively at Arrowsmithshoes.


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