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Mens Loafers & Slip-ons

Leather shoes are invariably the mainstay of any man’s wardrobe and within the niche of leather footwear that every man should own. Loafers emerge as the clear favorites. Along with slip-ons, loafers form the slightly informal counterparts of business oxfords and sleek lace-ups but they are also an epitome of Victorian-era, classic footwear that continues to make sense for every man out there. A wardrobe staple, this is not about loafing around. The once generalized idea of loafers being slackers in the footwear category has been dumped, realizing the distinctiveness they offer.  

Loafers remain favorites among contemporary, fashion-conscious men. Sophisticated, comfortable and effortless, loafers and slip-ons are unquestionably dignified. They make sense for strictly business, business-casual and relaxed dressing. They are classic and fun, and with unconventional experimentation these shoes have been able to carve an identity for themselves. Immersed in tradition and genuine monikers of metropolitan styling that uses classical inspirations, slip-ons define versatile everyday footwear. Together, loafers and slip-ons are guaranteed to elevate formal and casual ensembles into something special and yet, ultra-comfortable. These footwear choices can be flamboyant or laidback, be a quiet part of your persona or be the attention-grabber.

History has that a Norwegian man hybridized traditional Native American and Norwegian footwear and this is how ‘loafers’ came into the picture. This Norwegian man was George Henry Bass who introduced the iconic Weejuns loafers in the 1930s in Wilton, Maine. The Weejun loafer got a big shoe moment in 1936 when Norwegians began exporting shoes to Europe which were adopted by visiting Americans and campaigned by the American Esquire magazine. Loafers have been a staple of tailored style ever since. Many versions of the loafer exist now, all of which have become staples of classic style and have been included in ‘The Official Preppy Handbook’. Over the past hundred years, distinctive shapes and styles of the classic loafer have defined comfort-wear shoes for men. From penny loafers to tassels, kilted to driving shoe and espadrille to horsebit shoe, loafers are an all-season footwear choice. They are simple-yet-stylish, irresistibly smart, and have all the elements associated with modern designs.

Classic loafers are subtly detailed, designed to give you a personal style without sacrificing practicality. Immaculately designed loafers are a great accompaniment to any clothing and help you create a well-curated outfit. Any expedition into the loafer game will include a vast variety of Kilted, Pumps and Monkstraps—they are never enough and always trending. Arrowsmith Shoes brings a curated collection of the best in handmade leather slip-ons. The best brand, from Belvedere and Sebago to Mezlan and Florsheim ensure that you get classic and classic loafers in the widest range of colors and exotic animal skins, each with showcasing fine detailing. Browse further and choose from our exceptional footwear collection…


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