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Club & Trendy Shoes

Contrary to common styling beliefs, every dress shoe is not an automatic choice for lounging or clubbing. Every high-end loafer is not exactly a trendy choice just because it comes from a luxury label. Men’s club attire trends change every season and so do the footwear choices. Acknowledging this, we pay special attention to this category, ensuring the latest entrants and some play-it-safe options are always there. No more date night horrors, no more club shoes that make you feel alienated. It is time to shop from the most trending shoe range for the modern man, footwear meant to help you carry the party look with absolute conviction!  

Whether you are headed for nightclubs or a day out for lounging with friends in ultra-relaxed décor, we have the ideal shoes for you. Choose from luxe leather shoes with some eccentricity or a bit of ornamentation that separate them for everyday workplace shoes or dress boots. From slightly grungy to refined, from sleek to unpretentious, there are many club shoe choices here.

Whether you are planning to attend a cocktail or scheduling a date night, match your outfit with these handmade leather shoes.Club shoes don't have the casualness of typical trainers, they are not meant to be athletic or extra-tough. It is about finesse and fine detailing. A club shoe should be relevant for partying with office colleagues or being the go-to footwear for an impromptu movie-date. Trekking across the most happening bars requires shoes that are comfortable even when you are rather active. We emphasize on comfortable and not-overdressed shoes. The collection gets inputs from our team of fashion designers and style-spotters to ensure that the most happening and emerging favorites from the world of leather party shoes are first found here.

We have put together the finest assortment of club and trendy shoes, ensuring you find every style on a single platform, curated with the best in online shopping practices. Some club shoes evoke glamour of an illustrious movie past while some are in sync with the love for minimalism. Others have a bit of European aristocracy about them while others are slightly blingy. The silhouette are always empowered by handmade stitching. Some club shoes are versatile enough to help you navigate from office cubicle to the party floor without the need to change them. Expect party shoes in a variety of styles—loafers, wingtips, party slip-ons and more—versatile enough to be worn with denims, suits, casualwear or party-only clothes!


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