Price Beat Guarantee

We want to make sure you're getting your designer shoes and accessories at the best price possible. If another website offers the same price or a lower price on the item you're interested in, and the style, size, and color are available on the competitor's website, just contact us by phone 888-827-7299 or email and we will beat their price by $10.00.

The following restriction and conditions apply to our Price Beat Guarantee. When in doubt about whether your item is eligible for our Price Beat Guarantee contact us by phone or email:

  • 1. Special promotions on the competitor website, such as rebates, gift certificates, and "buy one get one free" offers are not eligible.
  • 2. The item must be currently available as a 'new' item in the same size, style, and color on the competitor website and on the website and the competitor must ship to the customer's location.
  • 3. Guarantee applies to pricing on websites only, not competitor brick-and-mortar stores.
  • 4. The website must not be an auction site (ie. Ebay), a discount site (ie., and, or a paid-membership club. We also reserve the right to not beat the price on certain / products in some cases as they can operate like a discount sites.
  • 5. Website must be based in the USA
  • 6. Price difference applies to full cost of the item minus any promotions, and does not include tax or shipping costs. In some individual cases we may be able to beat the price including tax and shipping, where there is a cost for tax and/or shipping. Please check with us to see if this applies to the item you are looking to purchase.
  • 7. Guarantee only applies to purchases for personal use. Guarantee does not apply to purchases for resale or commercial purposes.
  • 8. Guarantee is not valid on purchases where a gift card or special promotion code is used.
  • 9. Price Beat Guarantee applies to international orders, only when the competitor website offers international shipping and has the desired style, color, and size in stock.
  • 10. Price Beat Guarantee does not apply to the following brands: Corrente , Vellapais, certain "special order" items from other brands.
  • 11. reserves the right to not beat a price based upon brand's own website pricing. Please always check with us if a price beat can be done.