How to Wear Alligator Shoes with Eyes

Posted by Arrowsmith Shoes on Dec 9th 2014

Give Your Footwear That Special Twinkle and Wear Alligator Shoes With Eyes

We all love exotic footwear, but what if you want everyone to know that you’re wearing  alligator shoes with eyes? Believe it or not, these uniquely crafted shoes do exist, and they are just as well-made as regular alligator shoes. They just have that extra…twinkle. (Some, like those pictured below, even go as far to include Swarovski crystals and teeth!)

alligator shoes with eyes

                                                         Alligator Shoes with Eyes of Crystal

For many exotic footwear lovers, it’s an important reminder that what they’re wearing bodes well to their status. (And with alligator shoes with eyes, we can guarantee you won’t be wearing the same pair of shoes as everyone else.) Because nothing says exotic like shoes with eyes, right?

Despite the unique “accessory,” these shoes are just as durable and sought after as other exotic animal footwear. But how do you wear them, and with what? Because you don’t want to upstage the shoes, think simple, tailored clothing from head to toe. Wearing a bright shoe? Match one accessory, such as a belt or shirt to the shoes, and let the rest be muted.

black alligator shoes with eyes

                                                      Black Alligator Shoes with Eyes and Teeth

But why wear alligator shoes with eyes? Well, it stars with a gator’s vision. They have very good night vision and are mostly nocturnal hunters. Because of the light receptors in their eyes, it’s even suggested that they can see colors. Their eyes are both protected from daylight and they are even able to see underwater.

As you can see, their eyes are one of their most unique and distinctive features–even with vertical-slit shaped pupils that resemble domestic cats–which makes this a coveted accessory to include on an expensive shoe.

Think you have what it takes to wear alligator shoes with eyes? Check out our selection of exotic animals with eyes, crystals, and teeth for a unique touch to your shoe collection.

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