The First Steps to Success

The First Steps to Success

Posted by Arrowsmith Shoes on Apr 9th 2019

You’re proud of your kids at every age, and as you’re running through your mental rolodex of memories – all the milestones and achievements, along with every seemingly insignificant moment along the way –a few special moments come to mind.

You remember the sheer joy that coursed through your body when your child took his or her first steps.

And you recall the first recital you attended in preschool, where the class proudly sang “You Are My Sunshine.”

Then you think about their first graduation, when they proudly marched across the stage, symbolizing their transition from kindergarten to first grade.

Your mind flashes forward and somewhere between the soccer games, band practice, and hours of homework, you had time to fight about what shoes they were going to wear to the homecoming dance, and what they were going to wear to 8 th grade graduation.

Then your mind flashes forward again and you see your child graduating high school and leaving the nest for the first time. Fortunately, holiday and summer breaks still give you some semblance of control.

Time flashes forward again – where did it all that time go? – and you’re sitting at your child’s college graduation.

They’re dressed in cap and gown — and the only pair of sensible dress shoes you forced them to pack for this very moment.

You hope that all of the blood, sweat, tears, and joy you poured into raising your child will pay off.  They will now leave college (and their childhood) behind and step out into the world as a competent, independent individual.

Graduation season is upon us and you want to celebrate your child’s accomplishments with a meaningful  – yet useful – gift.

Now is the time to ask yourself…

 are they wearing the right shoes?

With the right pair of shoes, your son or daughter can take their first steps into the world confidently. You will imbue them with an appreciation for quality, style and comfort. Knowing how to dress for the occasion is priceless, and it will set the stage for a lifetime of future successes.

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