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Well LeBron. . . ! Now What?

Posted by rpgadmin on Jul 9th 2010

lebron james what was i thinking LeBron James went for one of the most beloved sports super stars, who was loved even by opposing team fans, to one of the most hated with this latest stunt. And, he did all of that in the span of about an hour. Wow! Is Brett Favre’s on LeBron’s speed dial network? I can hear the conversation now. . . “Hey Brett, it’s me, LBJ. What should I do?” “Screw everyone man! Legacy is just a word.” “But what if they burn my jersey in the streets and riot in the bars?” “You’ll have to learn to be hated my friend. . . . !”
“Should I tell the owner about leaving or should I surprise him on national TV?” “Oh definitely surprise him. That’s really good TV.”

It doesn’t even matter that all the proceeds went to various boys and girls clubs. It doesn’t matter that he says it’s not about the money. It doesn’t matter that he was the one who stunk up the playoffs this year and got beat by the Celtics, and got beat in the finals a few years back. What more do you want. You’re the star! Win the damn thing. So now you’re going to join D. Wade’s team. This is is going to work well. You should have come to Chicago.

The self hype and all-about-me attitude has turned me off to even watching sports anymore. I’m tired of it. A-Rod kissing his own picture, Ochocinco just being himself, the yes I am not I’m not Brett Favre, should I even mention Tiger Woods, and now this.

Please! I think I’d rather watch paint dry.


Pat Riley strikes again!

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