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Driving Shoes

Driving shoes are fundamental step to every man’s shoe wardrobe—inspired by moccasins, they are also referred to as Driving Mocs. Many people call them summer shoes, putting them at par with loafers and typical moccasins. Why? Structurally they are not very different but yes, driving shoes are preferred for driving application. This does not mean that these shoes are to be dumped after stepping out of your four wheels. They have the casualness and ultra-snug comfort that makes them a perfect choice to be worn all day long.  

Not at par with the cult status enjoyed by oxfords or derby shoes, driving shoes are quickly gaining mainstream exposure. These signature shoes blend some panache with quintessential traits associated with shoes that make pedal pushing more effortless. Can they be worn even without the automobile environment? YES!

Meant to replace typical traditional shoes that often come with thick soles or heels, driving shoes have a lower profile. The flat-surface construction means more friction, almost no weight on the foot and this also decreases chances of slipping on the pedal. Some flat driving shoes for men are so flat-profiled that they allow the feet to clearly feel the brake or clutch through the minimal sole-like layer. We have put together an interesting collection of contemporary driving shoes for men. Available in the most hard-to-find range of colors, these footwear choices are a relatively recent fashion upgrade, first spotted during 1963 when Car Shoe, became their pioneering manufacturer. In some places, driving shoes are still referred to as ‘Car’ shoes. Today, they find application in non-driving pursuits too, such as being worn with cotton summer suits, denims without socks and linen lounge pants. Most men prefer to wear handmade driving shoes with extra low-cut ankle socks, ensuring the no-sock look is sustained.

Amalgamating ultra-luxurious silhouettes without a typical sole structure, these casual leather shoes often use a blend of fabrics like suede and fine denims. The durability might be beyond your expectations. Soles in most designer driving shoes are made from rubber. The compressed rubber layer is soft and provides a reliable grip. The most common style includes driving shoes as slip-ons, docksides, lace-ups, or loafers. Some people also wear the more glamorous versions of driving shoes as party shoes. Whether you are seeking leather or suede loafers, sneakers, or slip-ons, we ensure that you can quickly browse and select the most relevant product listing. We continue to put more substance in this category, bringing together summer shoes in different finishes, colors, designs, textures and fabric choices.


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